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November 2020 Update ~ Bankruptcy Trends During COVID-19
The past months have seen federal unemployment assistance end and Coronavirus spike. So, the question is - what impact has this had on the bankruptcy industry?
Rachel Mahrle
November 17,2020 04:42 PM - Comment(s)
August 2020 Update ~ Bankruptcy Trends During COVID-19
We all have the same question. Is the promised “bankruptcy boom” on it’s way? Let’s break down four key statistics and their impact.
Rachel Mahrle
August 17,2020 03:06 PM - Comment(s)
Why Your Phone System is Your Law Firms Most Vital Sales Asset
Seven out of ten callers will hang up if they reach voicemail. Setting up a comprehensive phone system may be the single most important thing a law firm can do for their business.
Rachel Mahrle
July 30,2020 10:34 AM - Comment(s)